FTNB Debit Card Conversion

New Mastercard Debit Cards Are Here: September 26, 2022

You deserve the very best in financial convenience. That’s why in September we’ll be sending you a new First Texoma National Bank Mastercard Debit Card to replace your current debit card. The new cards include many exciting and convenient new features along with giving YOU more control over your account and debit card in the FTNB app:

  • Contactless tap-to-pay
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Turn your card off and on
  • Set card limits
  • Turn on travel alerts and much more!

And like your old card, your new card will also give you continued access to your existing checking account with absolutely no interruption in service.

Watch your mail in September for your new FTNB debit card and it will be available for use beginning Monday, September 26, 2022.
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  • Your old card will no longer be active
  • Follow the instructions on your debit card mailer and set up a PIN for your new card
  • Cut up or shred your old card
  • Begin using your new card

All of us at First Texoma National Bank appreciate your business, and we hope you’ll be pleased with the benefits of your new Mastercard Debit Card headed your way. (See below for more information along with some Frequently Asked Questions - and check back often as more information gets added.)


Tell me more about the conversion date:
-   You should expect your card to arrive in the mail in September.
-   Please follow the instructions on the mailer included with your new debit card
-   You will be able to use your old card until September 26th

What if I don’t receive my new card?
-   If you have not received your new card by September 22, please contact us.

Why is FTNB doing a card conversion?
-   New convenience features
-   Enhanced security measures

What is Contactless tap-to-pay?
-   FTNB contactless debit cards will allow you to tap your debit card against a reader instead of inserting or swiping your card.
-   When you tap or hold your card near the contactless Symbol on a merchant terminal, you can securely make payment.
-   Contactless debit cards come with chip technology, which provides added security when the card is tapped or inserted at a contactless or chip enabled merchant terminal or ATM.
-   Contactless cards come with a magnetic stripe, so you can use the magnetic stripe if a terminal is not yet contactless, or chip enabled.

Will the automatic payments or recurring deductions set up on my current card continue to charge to my new card?
-   No, September 26 or after, you will need to update your accounts that use your current debit card for payments. The new card comes with a new card number, expiration date, and 3-digit security code on the back, so you’ll need to update your billing details.

Are the spirit card designs still an option?
-   No, we now have one design for consumers and one design for businesses

Will my PIN remain the same?
-   We were unable to transfer your PIN number over to our new card provider. Follow the instructions included with your debit card mailer to set up your PIN. You can set up the same PIN you are using now.

Will my debit card limit remain the same?
-   Yes, your debit card limit will remain the same

Will new debit cards be Zelle Compatible?
-   No, we will not be participating in Zelle. Zelle is not a debit card product but a P2P product like pop money, cash app, venmo, etc. Fraud is rising on Zelle and we are not willing to put our customer or bank at risk by offering this service.


Questions? Please contact First Texoma National Bank or visit one of our five convenient locations.

Durant: (580) 924-4242
Sherman: (903) 813-4898
Boswell: (580) 566-2226


  • Advertisements in e-statements: August & September
  • Letters mailed to all debit card holders
  • Lobby flyers at all locations
  • Drive-thru flyers at all locations
  • Lobby TV advertisements
  • Website alert and conversion FAQ webpage
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