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Mastercard Check/Debit Card

Tired of writing checks? Want to make purchases with a swipe of a card or access ATMs for cash?

Your First Texoma National Bank Check Card is faster and easier than writing a check and conveniently fits into your wallet or pocket. Use it for all your purchases from buying gas and groceries, to shopping online.

  • Issued SAME DAY at certain First Texoma National Bank locations
  • Accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted
  • Can be used in person, online or by phone
  • Debits straight from your checking account
  • Can be used at ATMs like a traditional ATM card

To report a lost or stolen check card during business hours call customer service at (580) 924-4242 or 1-877-202-0975. On nights, weekends, and holidays call (Toll Free): 1-877-202-0975. If you have been contacted by our Fraud department through email or text, please call 1-877-202-0975 to verify transactions.

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Planning to Travel? We want your next trip to be as hassle free as possible.

It is important to let your financial institution know of any upcoming travel plans. One way that fraud can be easily identified is by location. If your card is used somewhere you don't generally make purchases, it could be blocked immediately to prevent further use. By notifying your bank by phone or in person with your destination of travel, when you will be traveling, when you will return and an up-to-date phone number, you can ensure that any legitimate transactions during your trip won’t trigger a call or a blocked card, but also that any fraudulent transactions that may occur after you've left your destination are appropriately flagged.

Please continue to check your accounts and report fraud immediately. Call us during business hours or 1-877-202-0975 on nights, weekends, and holidays to stop your card. Some local merchants may process your card for authorization through a location we currently have blocked. This may cause your card to be denied.

Fraudulent phishing scams are on the increase. These scams consist of calls or text messages to cardholders in an attempt to gain access to account information. During these attempts, cardholders are informed that their debit card has been deactivated and needs to be reactivated. The cardholder is then asked to provide key account information such as card number, expiration date, PIN number and the three-digit security code, in order to reactivate the affected debit card.

For your security, if you receive a call, text or email that seems questionable or suspicious and you have a question about the validity it, call us at (580) 924-4242 or 1-877-202-0975. No one from the bank will ever need to contact you and ask you for your card number, PIN, or validation code.

Mastercard Credit Card

Confused by credit card offers? We feel credit cards should be easy, accessible and straightforward, which is why we offer two different consumer programs as well as two different business programs. Best of all you can choose which program will best fit your needs.

First Texoma National Bank's Low Rate Credit Card

  • Available to all applicants for Mastercard
  • Low Introductory Rate for the first 6 billing cycles
  • Low ongoing APR, based on Prime
  • 25-day Grace Period on all purchases - No grace period for cash advances or cash equivalent transactions
  • No Annual Fee

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First Texoma National Bank's Preferred Points Card

  • Available to all applicants for Mastercard
  • Low Introductory Rate for the first 6 billing cycles
  • 25-day Grace Period on all purchases - No grace period for cash advances or cash equivalent transactions
  • Competitive Ongoing Rate
  • No annual fee

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Savings Bonds

Paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions. Electronic savings bonds can be purchased online through TreasuryDirect.

Open a free TreasuryDirect account today

Already have paper savings bonds?

Existing paper bonds are still valid and will earn interest for 30 years from the issue date or until redeemed. You can continue to cash savings bonds at our bank.

Open a free TreasuryDirect account today

With TreasuryDirect, you can safely and securely:

  • Buy, manage and redeem electronic savings bonds
  • Convert paper savings bonds to electronic
  • Purchase electronic savings bonds as gifts
  • Purchase other Treasury securities, including bills, notes, bonds and TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)
  •  ... and much more!

Stop worrying about misplacing or storing paper savings bonds, and start managing your savings online, anytime, through TreasuryDirect.

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Safe Deposit Box

First Texoma National Bank offers safe deposit boxes in different box sizes to suit your specific personal needs. Ask one of our bankers for details.

Night Deposit Service

We offer night deposit service at all locations for our commercial customers.

  • Our night deposits are well lit for convenience and safety
  • With a lock bag issued to you, you can deposit items securely
  • Your deposit will be handled the next business morning

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